Do you have that one pair of shoes in your wardrobe thats stood the test of time? Thats come with you anywhere and everywhere you’ve ever been, from shopping in your local supermarket to your first day of college to jetting off halfway across the world with you on your craziest adventures? Well thats how I feel about my beloved Converse, so this is an ode to them.

Years and years I’ve had my Converse (longer than I can remember or care to admit) and they were beginning to look a little worse for wear… It was time for a replacement. Instead of straight replacing them, I decided to upgrade and get the Converse Play created in partnership with Commes Des Garcons.

I’ve wanted a pair of these for as long as I can remember, pretty much just for the stand-out heart motif. But what I didn’t realise was that they are so much more comfortable then my typical Converse! The soles feel more padded and airy which in turn provides more support – and my fellow diehard Converse wearers will know you always have to break a pair of Converse in. Well, with these there was no need. Plus the thicker soles and quirky design motif just makes them look cooler. Will I be upgrading my white pair of Converse too? Most likely.

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