I’ll be pausing creating blog content momentarily while I concentrate on other things in my life that require more of my care and attention, and I want to let you know why…

In an effort to better myself as a content creator and hone my craft, which I hope will in turn improve my blog content each and every time I publish something new, I took the leap and went back to school to study a postgraduate in journalism. Whilst it was absolutely the right decision, I don’t think I fully appreciated how consuming it would be. Studying, whilst juggling two jobs, and producing a weekly newsletter as well as my blog content, is a lot. Hello burnout? 

In the future I have grand plans for my blog, and everything I want to do and achieve as a content creator. I hope to produce more editorial worthy and inspired imagery, I hope to work with cool brands whose values I align with, and I hope to translate what I do into more video focused content as well. There’s so much more on top of this, but I won’t reveal all of the spoilers here! 

Thank you for being on this journey with me, and for your continued support of my blog. See you soon!

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JP x


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