There are countless product launches throughout the year that I want, but few that are worth it. But when an infamous beauty icon and world renowned makeup artist come together to create and craft makeup, could this be one for the record books? This high profile launch and limited edition collection has amassed tons of social media attention, so read on to find out whether this collaboration is actually worth your hard earned cash.

Here it is, the full KKW Beauty x Mario Dedivanovic collection. So what do we have? A 10 pan eyeshadow palette, two lipglosses, and a lipstick. What was the inspiration behind these pieces you may ask? Well that would be none other than Mario’s muse, Miss Kim Kardashian West herself. This infamous beauty duo looked back at all of their beauty looks over the years and used them as inspiration, they wanted products that we could use to re-create practically any look that they’ve ever done. KKW Beauty has been growing at breakneck speed, and its no coincidence that this collection was released on the 10 year anniversary of the pair meeting celebrating a decade of working together.

(KKW Beauty x Mario 10 pan eyeshadow palette swatches, shades L-R: 2008, Glam, Miami, Armenian, Loyalty, Decade, Albania, Vegas, Libra, Bronzy)

The eyeshadow palette has a total of 10 shades altogether, four mattes and six shimmers. It has three browns which can work as transition shades or can be used for a full eye look; one is a reddish brown, one is a more neutral brown, and one is a deeper darker brown. There is a light vanilla matte shade that can work as a highlight, and then there are gold, bronze, and plum shimmer shades. The standout colour is this palette is the shimmery blue shade ‘Libra’, with each shade name having a personal meaning to the pair. Overall there is a nice balance of different textured shadows in this palette, and the colours work really well together. I found that all of the shadows were creamy and blended well with very little fallout, and you can’t argue that the colour payoff is there. Some colours are more pigmented than others, but the shade range is beautiful and can work well on any skin tone. Also a good point to note, the metallic eyeshadows can also be used wet or dry with brushes and fingers.

(KKW Beauty x Mario lip swatches, L-R: Classic K crème lipstick, Juicy gloss, Super nude gloss)

The crème lipstick in ‘Classic K’ is a nice universal nude peachy shade with warm undertones, and it went on smoothly whilst feeling comfortable and lightweight. I was surprised at the amount of pigment in this lipstick, and initially looks and feels matte but actually has a satin finish which is my preferred lipstick finish. Its not a particularly long-lasting formula, but it does hold up well.

The glosses are super shiny and a bit sticky, but not in an uncomfortable or annoying way. I think the shade ‘Juicy’ is going to be preferred to ‘Super Nude’, which is a bit too light for me and wont work all over on the lips.


  • Good colour payoff, pigmented shadows.
  • No eyeshadow fallout!
  • Can create a good range of looks, eyeshadow palette can work on pretty much all skin tones.


  • Not an essential collection, you can find other similar eyeshadow palettes and liglosses/lipsticks.
  • All of the eyeshadow shades are not equally pigmented.
  • You could get more gloss for your money.


So what did you think of the KKW Beauty x Mario collection? I also have a YouTube video reviewing and swatching the collection, check it out below:

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