Being from the UK, whenever I take a trip to the US as a makeup lover one store I always hunt down is Sephora. As most stores are open until or even past midnight (crazy right?!) you can go almost anytime, day or night. Here I review my top four favourite own-brand Sephora pieces I picked up recently.

SEPHORA COLLECTION – 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation: Now, Sephora states that this foundation “conceals blemishes, pigmentation marks, scars, and dark spots” and has “buildable coverage with an invisible, flawless finish”. All that for $20? Well, you can’t really go too wrong. When applying this foundation I found it to be quite watery making it hard to build up the product to get my desired coverage, but maybe I was using the wrong tool (I use a Morphe M439 brush to apply it). I think for me, I need to find a different tool to apply this foundation. Any recommendations? Other than that, I did find that it looked quite natural even though the colour I bought was a bit on the light side. I’ll definitely need to give this foundation a few more tries and experiment mixing it with other products.

SEPHORA COLLECTION – Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer in ’08 Palmier – medium with yellow undertone’: I love love love this concealer for brightening my under area and making me look more awake. Whenever I need to look like I’ve had a bit more sleep, this is what I reach for. It has a lightweight gel serum texture and you can build it without it looking cakey, even more of a bonus it doesn’t settle into any lines. Its very reasonably priced at $14 and looks really natural, the yellow undertone is perfect for my complexion. Just dip, dot, and blend.

SEPHORA COLLECTION – Bright Future Color Corrector in ’02 Yellow’: If I really really need a bit of extra help, then this color corrector combats dullness and any under eye bags I may have. Again, its really light and buildable and the pineapple extract improves the appearance of texture and adds brightness. This is good to use to neutralise areas before you use concealer. For the amount of product you get, the price tag is worth it and its good value for money.

SEPHORA COLLECTION – Radiant Luminizing Drops in ’01 Ultralight – bronze’: Out of all the Sephora own-brand products I have, this along with the concealer has to be one of my favourites. I usually mix this lightweight liquid luminizer with my foundation, and then apply on top of all the high points of my face for that extra lit-from-within glow. The dropper applicator is great for allowing me to control how much product I use, and this shade is the perfect bronze shade and doesn’t have any chunky sparkly bits or glitter in it. I’ve wanted this ever since I saw YouTuber LustreLux (Katy) use it on her channel, and I’ve been in love with the product ever since.


What are your favourite Sephora own-brand products? Let me know, I’d love to try some new things out!

JP x



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