One of the things I find trickiest about shopping vintage is knowing how to style it. Because you never know what you’re going to be walking out of a vintage shop with; you go in with no clear goal, no aim/direction of what you want to buy, and no outfit in mind. But what proves to be a challenge can also be loads of fun, and I now love styling vintage!

I love vintage clothing that tells a story. And for me, this shirt is definitely one of those pieces that has a story to tell. I was drawn to the shirt in the store, and didn’t really look at it properly until I got it home and unwrapped it. The detail is incredible, and I like to believe it tells a story of new beginnings and a new life.

Shirt + Trousers: Vintage | Jumper: Mango | Boots: Office

Definitely stepping out of my comfort zone and wearing more colour here, but I’m here for it! What do you think of how I’ve styled my vintage pieces? Let me know…

JP x


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