Many mistake Belif for being a Western skincare brand, and I’ll admit I was one of those people. In fact, Belif are a beloved skincare brand all the way from Korea. Everyone has heard of the ’10 step Korean skincare routine’, and Korea are definitely on the cutting edge side of skin-care technology. I only discovered Belif was Korean after I’d already tried and tested their products, and I was excited to finally delve into the world of Korean skincare.

Belif is a high-end brand that uses the best and purest herbal ingredients mixed with Korean innovation to create their skincare line, and each product comes with a ton of scientific research to back up what it says on the tin. Belif uses the knowledge of Napiers, a botanist based in Edinburgh, as well as a variation of his 150-year-old herbal processing methods in their products for maximum effectiveness.

This serum is effective for long-lasting deep hydration. It recharges hydration in the skin that’s lost and locks it back in, and has a really lightweight watery texture that sinks in without you even knowing. It leaves your skin looking healthy, supple, and soft.

I suffer from oily acne-prone skin, so for me I opted for this water-based moisturiser as its a lightweight gel-cream formula that makes my skin feel cool whilst providing me with much needed hydration. The True Cream Aqua Bomb by Belif is classified as a bounce balm, and their secret is ‘lady’s mantle’ – an antioxidant rich herb that helps keep skin supple and clear.

Out of all three products I think this was my favourite, and the one I finished quickest. Some eye creams have made my under-eye area super sensitive in the past, and left me with little bumps. However this eye creams cooling texture made the skin in my under-eye area look smooth and radiant, and was a great eye cream to use before makeup application.

What intrigues me most about Belif is their dedication to all natural products and how they create products that are suitable for almost any and every skin type or concern, and that whilst doing all of this they still manage to be vegan and don’t use any fragrances/dyes/mineral oils or synthetic preservatives.

The main issue for me? Belif isn’t readily available in the UK. You can purchase this brand on Amazon, but they ramp up their prices because they know you can’t get it anywhere else. Fingers crossed that it becomes more widely available in the UK very, very soon.

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