There are thousands of reasons I want to travel to Tokyo one day. The culture, the food, the breathtaking scenery, the architecture, the shopping… I could go on and on. Japan’s capital city is a mix of futuristic and traditional, it’s a powerhouse in itself. With the 2020 Olympics heading to Tokyo this year, this is a city that’s definitely in the spotlight.

Skyscrapers, historic temples, museums and green spaces – there’s no way you could get bored in Tokyo. Arguably one of the most densely packed cities on the planet, the idea of Tokyo can be intimidating at first. This is not the place to go if you want a chilled out beach holiday, with no two experiences of the city ever being the same. The sleek skyscrapers are contrasted to the glow of the cities lanterns and old-school wooden buildings, there’s something round every corner to keep you guessing. One things for sure you’ll never know what to expect in this city with endless possibilities.
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