Whatever you’re into, whether it’s chilled-out cafe’s or Michelin-starred restaurants, Copenhagen has something to offer for everyone and more. You can find extraordinary culinary experiences, and the Danish food scene caters to all budgets. I skipped between brunches, Vegan lunches (I know right, unexpected for me), and local deli’s/cafes. Read on to find out why dining in the Danish capital of Copenhagen is such a pleasure.


The Union Kitchen

Møller Kaffe og Køkken

Whether you’re an early riser or not, Copenhagen has plenty on offer for an enjoyable breakfast/brunch. I tried out The Union Kitchen, Kalaset, and Møller Kaffe of Køkken. The Union Kitchen is owned by an Englishman (who coincidentally was there on my visit) so naturally I’m going to be a little bias and say that this place was a delight, the breakfast/brunch platter was a big hit and if you order a coffee you may get fun little message sprinkled on to brighten up your day. At Kalaset I had a leisurely brunch on my last day in the city at this cosy cafe in the heart of Copenhagen, and it was delicious. The smoothie shot stood out to me, so much so I ordered a full size smoothie to go! In summer 2015 Møller Kaffe og Køkken won the title of serving the best breakfast in Copenhagen, and they sure do live up to this reputation. You can order a tasty breakfast here all day everyday, and customise what you want by ticking off items from a menu.


42 Raw

Not surprising to me was how big Copenhagen is on clean-eating and healthy living, but what did surprise me was how much I enjoyed the plant based foods they had on offer. London definitely has some catching up to do. At 42Raw, a paired-back industrial-style eatery, I had one of the most delicious plant-based burgers I’ve ever had. It was honestly so good and filling I couldn’t even finish it – still sitting here thinking about it actually. At Souls their philosophy is ‘offering locally sourced food of the highest quality for people that are conscious of not only what they put into their body, but of the footprint it leaves in order to reach their plate’. I had a ‘chilli sin carne’ but without any of the sin, and it left me happy and full – what better combination?


Cocks & Cows @ Hotel SP34
John’s Hotdog Deli

For dinner in Copenhagen I was a little more indulgent, I think its safe to say I didn’t hold back. Thankfully, all of the walking probably cancelled out these meals. They were all equally delicious and I have no regrets! If you love a mouth-watering burger, look no further than Cocks & Cows. Or if its pizza you are after, I’d go to Neighbourhood where all pizzas are organic and freshly baked to perfection. One of my favourite discoveries was John’s Hotdog Deli in Copenhagens Meatpacking District; you get to build your own hotdog choosing from good quality sausages, homemade dips, chunky remoulades, pickled vegetables, chutneys and more.


Sankt Peders Bageri

Kafferiet is a cosy cafe right near Rosenborg castle where you can get coffee, tea, and cake. They have a larger location which also serve smoothies, sandwiches, croissants and muffins. Personally, I enjoyed the intimate atmosphere of the Kronprinsessegade location where the staff are always up for a nice chat. Everyone in Copenhagen is super friendly, making your time there all the more enjoyable! Sankt Peders Bageri is the oldest bakery in Copenhagen dating way back to 1652, and was on the same street as my hotel – bonus! Famous for its indulgent cinnamon rolls its clear to see why its been open for so long, luckily for the Danish (and anyone visiting Copenhagen) its now a protected building and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Torvehallerne Food Market

Theres nothing I love better than a good old food market where you can grab a bite to eat and buy some fresh produce, and at Torvehallerne in Copenhagen you can do exactly that. Here you’ll find over 60 stands that sell everything from meats and cheese to fruits and Asian delicacies. You can even buy exotic spices and gourmet chocolates, or sit back and drink a cold beer. I’d recommend going later on in the week when more stalls are open.

Did you enjoy this food guide? Let me know what food places you recommend checking out in Copenhagen!

JP x


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