As someone who works in fashion, and just enjoys shopping in general, I make a point of experiencing the different fashion on offer in each new city I visit. I don’t necessarily buy at every shop I visit, I just like to see whats on offer and how its different from London fashion and what I’m used to. From vintage boutiques to women-only trainer stores and luxury fashion-meets-art spaces, Copenhagen has everything you could want and more.


Time’s Up Vintage

Vintage shopping is still relatively new to me, but I make an effort every time I visit somewhere new to add it to my list of things to do. Copenhagen has tons of vintage stores to spend rainy days in, from luxury to premium and finally inexpensive vintage. Prag was a goldmine full of pieces based on classic and current trends, and lots of vintage treasures such as hand-sewn tulle skirts; embroidered sweaters and even full-length gowns. They also had some really cool multi-coloured tights, and of course I had to grab a pair. Time’s Up Vintage is located in the cobbled streets of Copenhagen’s city centre, and offers rare vintage designers pieces with a focus on quality and exclusiveness. Whilst browsing their rails I found Chanel, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent and so much more. Wasteland is located in the heart of Copenhagen and sells anything from vintage band tee’s to 80’s jackets and retro jewellery, I picked up a cool Mickey Mousee t-shirt I know I won’t find anywhere else. Finally, Episode is an inexpensive vintage store where they seek out clothes donated to charity organisations globally and wash, repair, and resell items that meet their high standards.


Gummi Sneakers
Naked CPH
Acne Archive
LaLa Berlin

One thing I haven’t seen anywhere else and that I adored about Copenhagen was that you could literally find a trainer store on every corner, if not two or three of them. And I’m a trainer fanatic, so this had my name written all over it. What impressed me most was that in Copenhagen there are trainer stores for females only, finally matching the wide range of styles and brands that are on offer to our male counterparts. Even though I didn’t buy any trainers this time round, Gummi Sneakers (part of Project 4) & Naked CPH are definitely worth a visit. Acne Studios is a brand I’ve admired from afar for a very long time, and was at the top of my list of stores to visit. I went to the Acne Archive store in Copenhagen which sells past season pieces at discounted prices, and even though it was an outlet (it didn’t feel like one at all) the staff were amazing offering me a drink and making my shopping experience so enjoyable! I’d seen on LaLa Berlin’s website the ‘Badass’ t-shirt pictured above and it spoke to me, I’m sure you’ll be seeing it in an outfit post very soon.


Henrik Vibskov Boutique
Magnolias Luksus 2ndhand

A few luxury stores worth mentioning are; Henrik Vibskov Boutique, Magnolias Luksus 2ndhand, and Storm. Henrik Vibskov has been open in Copenhagen since 2006 and New York since 2011; and both stores offer the Vibskov namesake label as well as up-and-coming designers and household names. Magnolias Luksus 2ndhand is vintage store with a difference, it sells luxury high-end brands and is on a shopping streets amongst the likes of Louis Vuitton and more. They sell everything from RTW to shoes to handbags, and you are quite literally spoilt for choice. Last on my list is a store that someone I met in Copenhagen recommended, and that’s Storm. Storm is a fashion and lifestyle store, and is more than just a retail space. It’s a conceptual platform where design, art and fashion meet; and they sell a large selection of beauty products, music, magazines and books alongside all of the fashion of course. One of my fashion new years resolutions was to wear more colour, so I bought a really cool block-colour jumper from Aimé Leon Dore.

(Photo of my Copenhagen purchases)

All in all, I can see why Danish fashion and style is on the rise. We now look outside of the usual fashion capitals to places like Copenhagen and Berlin, because the street style and clothing available in other cities offers us a fun and fresh take on fashion and style. I enjoyed shopping in Copenhagen as the staff in every store I visited where friendly and attentive, and I didn’t feel as if I was forced to buy anything I didn’t want. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and bought pieces in different colour ways and prints to what I’d normally wear, and I haven’t been this excited about my shopping purchases in a long time!

Did you like this shopping guide, what stores would you recommend visiting in Copenhagen?

JP x


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