It’s no secret that we’ve all been living in loungewear for the past year. Over the course of lockdown comfort trumped style, we reached for clothing that would suit our mostly indoor based activities, and we quickly fell into the habit of forgetting about getting dressed in the mornings. I know I’ve been reaching for cosy clothing on rotation, but it’s finally time to shake things up.

As the world opens up again it’s time to start thinking about getting dressed properly, instead of revolving our lives around wearing what’s most comfortable. But that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all of the loungewear you’ve bought over recent months, why not elevate your loungewear looks instead?

Simple additions and tweaks can enhance your favourite cosy clothing:
– Swap your joggers for a pair of jeans
– Add a tailored shirt instead of your go-to hoodie
– Wear a bright bold lip or your favourite hair accessory

Stylish loungewear looks have really come to the fore and are now taking centre stage as our worlds continue to change. They may not be your typical fashionable get-ups, but I’ll take these comfortable chic ensembles any day of the week.

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