Back at it with another one for my ‘Face Jewels’ series! I can’t get enough of using jewels and embellishment to accessorise and adorn the face and enhance modern-day makeup. I’m seeing so much inspiration for this series across my social media, so I’m going to keep it going for as long as I can – continuously finding new ways to experiment with beauty.

Though this may not seem subtle to some, this is definitely one of my more laid-back and wearable looks from my Face Jewels series. I feel like this would be a great beauty look to wear to a fancy dress party and take things one step further outshining all of your friends. Because who wants to look the same as everyone else, right?

I love how much this jewelled headpiece compliments this look (although it was bit tricky to secure in place and required an extra pair of hands). I get definite The Great Gatsby vibes from the look and I’m all the way here for it!

For the makeup I chose to go with glowing skin and nothing to fussy for the eyes as I already have eyelash extensions – I didn’t even wear mascara on my bottom lashes. I used eyelash glue to stick the face gems on and it lasted pretty well, and didn’t irritate the skin at all.

Experimenting and playing around with beauty and different makeup techniques deinfitely makes me happy, as evidenced from my last picture. What beauty looks do you think I should try next? Let me know…

JP x


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