Ever found a treasure trove of hidden gems so magnificent that you never want to leave? Well thats exactly how I felt when I visited Front General Store, a quaint and curious shop located under the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Vintage shopping was at the top of my to-do list upon visiting New York, and I think from hereon out it’ll be something I aim to do in every city I visit. The eclectic mix of style across NYC is truly inspiring and very different from London and what I’m used to seeing, some of the street style I saw was so jaw-dropping I had to stop and do a double take!

Vintage fashion here is big, and as it is across the globe its something that exists outside of trends or whats ‘in’ at the moment making it all the more unique.

Front General Store is (or was) Brooklyn’s best keep vintage secret. But don’t get it twisted, not everything they sell is old…

After entering the glass front store you are welcomed by pots and jars filled with succulents, ceramic trays and dishes, and stacks of blankets along with scented candles. The main section of the store is carefully curated into home accessories, jewellery, sunglasses and hats, womenswear, menswear, and books/stationery. Theres a huge wall where various tops, t-shirts and jumpers are folded neatly in rows according to colour. As you get closer to the back of the store there are aviator jackets, silk bombers and other clothing organised into particular time periods, and finally when you get to the back of the store next to the changing rooms you discover shelves full of denim.

Now I’m not an expert vintage shopper but what I like most about this store is that the vintage is affordable, and can cater to everyone if you’re willing to search hard enough. FGS stocks an abundance of unbranded items so the store is full of unexpected surprises, but whilst browsing the rails I discovered some true gems – vintage Issey Miyake and Commes Des Garçons. When you find pieces like these they’re all the more cherished as usually its something you fall head over heels for. What I find most interesting about the vintage in Front General Store is how the quality seems to be better then when the item was new… Well, I’m not an expert but needless to say thats how you know you’ve found something worth holding onto!

The overall look and feel of Front General Store makes individuals who would otherwise be discouraged from entering a vintage store want to march on in and buy the first thing they see – well thats how it made me feel at least. What differs about this store from others is the careful curation of items and attention to detail and organisation, and if this much  thought has been put into selecting and sourcing everything thats in there you’re probably going to walk away with something pretty great.

Its safe to say that I will definitely be visiting here any and EVERY time that I visit New York, and I urge that you do too.

JP x


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