It’s a crazy time we’re living in. I’d love to fake it and say I’m fine, everything’s fine, but the sad reality is life is not currently fine. The more COVID-19 impacts our everyday lives, the more we start to panic and experience feelings of anxiety and stress. Across the globe were not only worried about our health but the health of our loved ones, who live far and wide. Will we be able to pay next months rent? Will we have jobs to go back to once this is over? Where is my next pay cheque coming from?  If you, like me, are feeling particularly uneasy right now I’ve rounded up some ways on how to deal with anxiety in this current pandemic. 

Practice meditation & mindfulness – bring awareness to your thoughts and instead of trying to fight them, let them in and accept them. Work on understanding why you’re feeling a certain way, and remember to be kind to yourself.
Limit your daily news intake – with everything looking so bleak right now, if your constantly reading negative articles or watching depressing news broadcasts your thoughts and emotions can spiral out of control fast. Limit the amount of negative media you’re currently consuming, and change it up by reading something positive. Or look at cat memes, I love cat memes.
Stay in touch with loved ones – now more than ever is a good time to pick up the phone and call/FaceTime/Skype family members you can no longer visit in person or friends you haven’t seen in a while. Talking about your feelings may make you feel a little less alone. Pay close attention to the more vulnerable people in your life – they may need an extra helping hand in times like this.
Exercise & go outside if you can – getting fresh air will do you the world of good right now, but remember to do so whilst practicing social distancing. A short walk in a non-crowded area or just sitting down in your garden will help, and if you’re stuck on what exercises you can do download a fitness app or search the hundreds of free fitness tutorials on YouTube.
Talk with your place of work/colleagues & budget your money wisely – stay in touch with your managers and HR department at work so you can be updated on how COVID-19 is affecting your job. Look at your bank accounts, your savings, and sit down and get really real about how long your moneys going to last and what to do if you have no salary coming in for the foreseeable future. 
Be grateful for all the good in your life – taking note of all the good in your life right now may help you feel a little less down-in-the-dumps. Be thankful for your health, your family and friends, your home, and that you get to wake up and live out another day. Incorporating gratitude into your daily routine is a great coping mechanism when dealing with uncertainty in life.

I’ve never gone through anything like this in my lifetime, which I’m sure is the same for many others worldwide. Right now it can be all too easy to focus on the negative feelings were experiencing, rather than finding solutions and ways to cope. Anxiety, stress, chronic worry, and depression spike at times like this. Remember that this isn’t permanent, and we’re in this together.

JP x


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