When we wear outfits that are colourful, or feature interesting prints and quirky designs, our moods are significantly lifted right? Right. But due to a lack of body confidence, or simply not knowing how to wear and mix patterns into our everyday wardrobes, we tend to shy away from anything that seems too intimidating. I used to be like this, sticking to monochromatic outfits as it was easier than putting any actual thought into what I was wearing. Turns out I didn’t need to think so hard about it after all.

A great way to introduce patterns into your wardrobe is by doing it little by little. You don’t want to go overboard and try to wear every single pattern all at once, that will just scare you off and you’ll avoid wearing most (if any) patterns in the future.

Start small, pair a classic white shirt or pair of jeans with a new-in printed item you’ve been longing to wear. Mixing patterned items with things you already own is an easy way to know if a pattern is going to work for you or not, if it works well within your existing wardrobe, and if you’ll ever get any actual use out of it.

Take inspiration from your favourite colour palettes and try patterned items in this range of tones. You’re likely to find items that already suit your personal style and that you find to be easily wearable, it’s a win win situation right?

Experiment, experiment, experiment – fashion is supposed to be fun after all! If it doesn’t work for you the first time around don’t fret, you can always try again. Step up your game and don’t be afraid to try patterns and prints you’ve never worn before, you may surprise yourself with what you end up liking.

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