New York City is living in the golden age of doughnuts; and has a number of vastly different doughnut shops from a mix of the old-fashioned old-school bakery, to your local neighbourhood coffee shop, to upscale patisseries, to the artisanal and new. The hand-held sweet or savoury treats are as popular as ever and widely available, making the perfect dessert or even meal (I’m guilty of eating a doughnut for breakfast, don’t judge). If you’ve been roaming those NYC streets for the best doughnut money can buy, look no further.

Brooklyn’s neighbourhood favourite ‘Dough’ has long attracted doughnut lovers old and new, and gained even more popularity when it opened up Manhattan locations. I visited the City Kitchen branch in The Row Hotel, which is a food hall home to a number of different vendors. Dough was founded in 2010 by chef Fany Gerson, inspired by her Mexican heritage and European influence she set out to reimagine the classic doughnut. Dough’s menu is carefully curated to satisfy every tastebud, they offer many different flavours making the most popular available year-round and seasonally changing others on the menu. Focusing on fresh product and mouth-watering flavour, Dough’s doughnuts are made in small batches throughout the day to ensure they are fresh for customers to enjoy – or devour, you choose.

The flavours at Dough are unique but not over-the-top or overpowering – enjoy a glossy magenta-pink blood orange doughnut, lemon poppyseed, a drizzled salted chocolate caramel, chocolate cocoa nibs, or glazed. For me, nothing beats a nutella filled doughnut and at $3.50 you can’t go wrong. All of Dough’s doughnuts are instantly recognisable, which is what entices customers through the doors again and again. If you haven’t yet visited a Dough doughnut location in NYC and you have a sweet-tooth, I highly highly recommend it.

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