Established in 2011, Kith is a retail store in NYC founded by trainer designer and extraordinaire Ronnie Fieg. All of Kith’s retail locations across the USA were designed in collaboration with Snarkitecture, and have pushed boundaries to deliver a whole new cool experience. I’ve never enjoyed shopping for trainers more.

Kith is a store that attracts trainer or ‘sneaker’ fans worldwide, myself included. It’s definitely a different experience to trainer shopping in the UK, the store is more conceptual and the design is far more chic. Whats more, the staff really know what they are talking about especially if you’re on the hunt to find the perfect pair of trainers.

As Kith’s popularity grew, they created their own in-house multi-functional lifestyle brand for men and women. Alongside infamous streetwear and trainer brands & popular footwear collaborations, Kith’s own label ‘Kith’ fits in seamlessly also selling online.

Now I couldn’t go all the way there and not pick up a single thing. Lo-and-behold, my first pair of Air Jordans – I am obsessed! I love the criss cross pattern of the laces and think they offer something unique and unusual, I’ve definitely never come across anything like these when trainer shopping before. And now they are mine, it really was love at first sight!

On the 5th April 2019 (next month) KITH is opening its first ever European outpost in my hometown of London, and I couldn’t be more excited. Follow @theyellowdrop on Instagram for exclusive events and drop updates.

JP x


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