To put it simply, the Adidas Yung 1 trainers are the crown jewel in my collection. I’d wanted a pair agesssss before I managed to get my hands on them, and when I finally did I loved them so much I bought another colourway almost instantly. The true mark of a classic item is when it’s reinvented and reimagined to cater to newer audiences, and this stands true for the Adidas Falcon Dorf model which has been reinterpreted into what we now have – the Adidas Yung 1’s. Loyal to the original design yet with a present-day twist, Adidas Yung 1’s are something both old and new customers will fall in love with.

The Adidas Yung 1’s are reasonably priced considering their unique design and modern-day makeover, and the style is a great addition to any sneakerhead’s growing collection. Despite their bulky appearance, the Yung 1’s are surprisingly lightweight and durable and are super comfortable so you can wear them all day no problem. Reinvention in the trainer world is very common, so much so that brands are struggling to keep up their offering of new and exciting takes on a classic. What I think works most for the Yung 1 range is the brilliant use and variation of colour, which makes them stand out.

Unconventional and ‘ugly’ footwear is clearly still cool and current, though not necessarily my cup of tea. With my Adidas’ Yung 1’s I’m dipping my toes into the ‘dad sneaker’ trend, which are part of this vibe but still subtle enough that I find them wearable. It’s worth nothing that these trainers run slightly large, so I went half a size down. Also they can be tricky to clean, but I use a wet wipe and rub gently and marks come away easily enough.

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