What is heaven on earth you may ask? For me its vintage heaven, where I can wander the aisles aimlessly for hours and not get bored. Where I can browse racks upon racks and find vintage treasures you just wouldn’t get elsewhere. So when I discovered PICKNWEIGHT was putting down roots in London, I had no choice but to stop by and see what they had to offer.

PICKNWEIGHT is unique in its origin, its based on the idea that you pay according to how many kilos of vintage goodies you’re buying. There are some items that are a set price, but 95% of the store is filled with clothing, shoes, and accessories that are reasonably priced. I’ve recently really got into vintage shopping, and one of the downsides is items can be really expensive and more often than not out of my price range. So the concept of paying by weight appealed to me as it doesn’t feel as if things are overpriced and out of my league.

I must have visited PICKNWEIGHT about three times in as many months, and each time I stopped by their Covent Garden store what they had on offer was different. When shopping vintage you never know what your going to find (thats part of the appeal), each time I visited this little fashion haven I can safely say the quality of the vintage and upcycled clothing was high compared to other stores I’ve visited in the past. Whats better than finding one-off pieces you know no-one else is going to be wearing? Be a leader, not a follower!

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t leave PICKNWEIGHT with loaded shopping bags each time I visited, for me its more about finding unique pieces I can mix in with items I already own. I did walk away with an incredible tie-dye t-shirt, a printed blouse, and a gorgeous pair of white tailored trousers that fit like a dream. What are some of your favourite vintage finds? Let me know in the comments section below…

JP x


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