With the January sales currently in full swing, we all seem to have shopping on the brain. Whether its roaming the rails at your nearest department store to grab a bargain, or having numerous tabs open scouring your favourite online retailers for the best discount, shopping season is upon us. Working in fashion over the years has enabled me to come up with some great tips/tricks and shopping secrets I swear by.

  • Invest in timeless pieces – instead of splurging on something you’ll wear once spend your well-earned money on forever pieces that you’ll wear time & time again (think a leather jacket, blazer, trench coat, well-fitting jeans etc)
  • Don’t focus on trends – buying into a trend may seem great at the time, but trend items quickly loose their value and will end up going out of style pretty quickly
  • Don’t be tricked into buying something because of a brand name – buy things that you like because you genuinely like them, not because of a luxury label or otherwise
  • Don’t buy clothes that don’t fit – often we make ourselves believe we’ll loose weight to fit into that one item we really needed but 9/10 it doesn’t happen
  • Know your style – we all have our own style and clothing that we gravitate towards, don’t but things you think you’ll wear but will end up being stuck in your wardrobe forever
  • Check outlets for designer items – when a new season/collection gets delivered to a store the old season often goes to an outlet at a reduced price, this is a great way to find items which are still current and save money
  • Be alerted when prices drop – set up notifications on your devices to be altered when something goes into sale

What are some shopping secrets you swear by? I’d love it if you shared them with me!

JP x


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