I’ve been wearing tie-dye for a while now, particularly vintage t-shirts I’ve found whilst thrifting. A definite trend amidst this current lockdown we’re living in, tie-dyeing at home is now the thing to do. Its popping up everywhere, all across my social media and on trend websites, on Pinterest/TikTok, all from people who’ve probably never before worn tie-dye in their lives. As tie-dye isn’t new to me, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and give this trend a try. It’s safe to say I’m very glad I did.

Theres all different kinds of tie-dye kits out there, if its your first time giving this activity a go at-home then I’d recommend purchasing a kit which comes with all the things you may need included. I bought my kit off of Amazon (yes its a kit for kids); and it included an instruction booklet, elastic bands, gloves, and 4 bottles of powder dye to which you needed to add water. The instructions were super clear and the steps were really easy to follow. When tie-dyeing at home, always wear gloves and protect all surfaces at all times. Be warned, the dye can get everywhere pretty quick. Tie your hair back, and wear clothes you don’t really care about!

To begin I browsed the internet to find styles of tie-dye that I liked which were easy enough to replicate, then I decided which clothes would have what style of tie-dye. All in all I had a hoodie, a sweatshirt/jogger set, and 2 t-shirts to dye. Its recommended to let your clothes soak first before dyeing so the colour permeates better. I used the elastic bands provided and sectioned my clothing accordingly after soaking them, then decided what clothes were going to be dyed what colour (in the kit I bought there was a really useful colour wheel to ensure you used colours together that wouldn’t go muddy shades and not mix well). Then its pretty self-explanatory, I squeezed the dye where I wanted it! Dye the front of your clothes first, then flip over and remember to dye the back.

After all of your clothing items are dyed, wrap them each in individual plastic bags and leave for 4-8 hours to let the dye soak in properly. A helpful tip is to use plastic bags that don’t have any wording or imagery on, so the colour won’t transfer to your clothing that you’re dyeing. After this time is up, rinse each item of clothing separately in cold water before putting into the washing machine and washing separately. It’s important that you don’t wash your newly tie-dyed clothes with fabric softener or detergent as it’ll interfere with the dyeing process, and may ruin your designs.

Et voila! After you’ve washed each of your items in the washing machine separately, leave them to dry. It sounds like a lot of steps, and a complicated process, but truthfully it’s super easy. So easy in fact anyone could do it. Its a great way to pass time, and a fun activity everyone can get involved in. Also tie-dyeing at home is a great way to up-cycle and bring new life to old clothing you don’t wear anymore. The kit I bought had so much dye leftover I wish I had more things to dye! I think my favourite items of clothing are the sweatshirt/jogger set, I know you’ll be seeing me in this combo a lot. Shoutout definitely goes out to my mum for doing basically most of the work, thankfully she enjoyed it!

What did you think of this post, will you be trying tie-dyeing at home anytime soon? Or if you have already tried it, what are your tips & tricks to get the perfect tie-dye results? Let me know in the comments section…

JP x


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