As a surprise I got given tickets to ‘Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter’ recently. Now I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, I’d like to think one of the biggest there is. I know everything there is to know about these movies – they were my childhood! And this was somewhere I’d wanted to go for a long long time…

Well, at least I thought I knew everything. There were some complete shocks and revelations, I was absolutely gobsmacked. Pieces of the actual sets used in all 8 movies were within touching distance, along with costumes and props used that have been treasured ever since filming ended. 
Theres a lot more that goes into making a movie then I thought. Theres all of the crew thats there months before filmings even began, who are working on it before actors/actresses are even chosen… Producers, directors, set design, animal trainers, costume designers, artists – the list goes on.
 Anyways, if your a true Harry Potter devotee like myself, then I urge you to head down to Leavesden and check this out. Don’t forget to grab a Butterbeer while your there – you won’t be sorry!

JP x

All photography by J’Nae Phillips.

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