What is skinimalism?

What exactly is skinimalism? You may have come across this new ‘in-thing’ on your social feeds, but that doesn’t do a lot to help explain it. It’s a term I’ve heard a lot lately, especially as we’ve been forced to spend time indoors giving us the opportunity to take a long hard look at our skin and subsequent routines. This is where skinimalism steps in, in other words, it’s a trend that adopts a more minimalist approach to beauty and argues that we should all be simplifying our skincare routines – for our skins sake if nothing else.

Do you have a bathroom cabinet or bedroom drawer stocked full of the latest trending skincare must-haves? Has social media #shelfie envy forced you to add unnecessary purchases to your beauty hauls that you never needed to begin with? If any of this sounds like you, chances are adopting a ‘skinimalist’ approach to your beauty routines may be just what you need.

The days of 10-step skincare routines and overcomplicated ingredients are well and truly over. As we battle with our conscience and the environmental impact our beauty habits have, we seem to be leaning towards more sustainable ways of doing things. Not only is adopting skinimalism better for the environment, as we use fewer products and let our skin breathe, our skin has a chance to learn what it really needs versus what it could do without. Using too many products on your skin can do more harm than good (I’m guilty of this), and in a battle to tackle persistent blemishes or rosacea you may be making your skin worse.

Multitasking products are a no-brainer in skinimalist circles, as they are usually formed with an array of good ingredients that work well together. I use a combined moisturiser/SPF daily which takes out the mental arithmetic of having to figure out what I have to use and when, and I love how simplified and streamlined my routine has become – it also saves me a ton of time! Some skin concerns will always require specific products and specialised treatments, there’s no getting around that. But in the long run adopting a more minimalist skincare approach may be a wise choice that your skin will thank you for.

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